Referral contest


The referral contest will end on August 5th 2024.


1. If the winner is a FREE member - the winner will get $10 AND $35 for
every upgraded referral (instead of $22).
The referral upgrade must take place during the contest.

2. If the winner is a PRO member - the winner will get $20 AND $58 for
every upgraded referral (instead of $45).
The referral upgrade must take place during the contest.

Referrals must be active to be counted in.
A referral is considered active if he have at least 25 unique hits
to his referral link when the contest ends (on August 5th 2024)
The table below shows all referrals, so the final results may differ.
Winner must have at least 10 active referrals for the contest to be validated.

ONLY the first place is a winner. Places 2nd and 3rd will
get surprise bonuses in advertising (banners and text ads).

Winner's upline (sponsor) will also get a $5.00 bonus for referring the winner.

Admin reserves the right to change the rules during the
contest as he sees fit to ensure correctness for both him and participants.

Current server date and time:
Sunday, 21-07-24 08:12:35: am

Top Sponsors - All

Member Name Referrals
D. Dorin3
Dorothea Penders2
Catharina Jongejan2
basumitra bandyopadhyay1
Jase Larremore1
Callie Smith1
Terry Guile1

NOTE: members can get their account deleted if their email address bounces back to us.
If your referrals number drops, this is the reason.

~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~

Top 10 promoters - Unique Hits

First 3 members in the top will get
prizes every month. Admin is excluded.
Please, DO NOT use autosurfs.
If you do, you will be excluded from ANY contest we run/will EVER run AND get your account DELETED.
The same will happen if you use fake traffic (bots).

Member Name
Unique hits Membership Type Joined on (YMD) Sponsor Commission ;-) Must earn before
requesting payment
Dorothea Penders21868PRO2022-10-29mysD5.93814.0619
Catharina Jongejan13439PRO2022-11-02theike11-3.7683313.76833
Anna Nikolaidou3793FREE2022-10-13didi0.865389.13462
willy vanharskamp-moorman3765FREE2022-11-20snoopy2.240077.75993
basumitra bandyopadhyay2632FREE2022-04-01blue59.93556-49.93556
D. Dorin1873PRO2020-06-05ADMIN0.806839.19317
Jason Bailey575FREE2023-08-13theike112.5627.438
lmurray296 murray388FREE2023-06-24basumitra0.699759.30025
Manuela Torres359FREE2022-11-03snoopy5.202074.79793
Mr Duncan MacFadyen271FREE2022-06-20blue6.949853.05015
Tom Freund204FREE2024-07-14incomesolutions0.014289.98572
Eddie Williams109FREE2023-06-13ematthews10.218919.78109
Giorgi Tsomaia86FREE2022-02-19blue0.563749.43626
Jase Larremore73FREE2022-11-02theike110.485989.51402
Brian Thiel51FREE2022-02-25TrafficG0.029749.97026
Terry Guile51FREE2022-11-23ematthews10.25319.7469
Noland Kimble50FREE2022-10-02a0n0pz1.577968.42204
Callie Smith37PRO2022-02-11blue1.84728.1528
hans hansen34FREE2023-11-06haha210.037429.96258
Nada Kordic31FREE2022-12-13mysD0.023169.97684
Enola Givens24FREE2023-04-25theike112.092527.90748
Arshad Hussain12FREE2022-05-03blue0.00439.9957

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