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The same will happen if you use fake traffic (bots).

Member Name
Unique hits Membership Type Joined on (YMD) Sponsor Commission ;-) Must earn before
requesting payment
Dorothea Penders5136PRO2022-10-29mysD3.038336.96167
Catharina Jongejan2436PRO2022-11-02theike112.25217.7479
basumitra bandyopadhyay2041FREE2022-04-01blue83.04269-73.04269
willy vanharskamp-moorman1567FREE2022-11-20snoopy7.969452.03055
Anna Nikolaidou634FREE2022-10-13didi11.26659-1.26659
lmurray296 murray132FREE2023-06-24basumitra0.55649.4436
Franco Ronutti92FREE2023-11-06theike110.009219.99079

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